on demand mat pilates workout
on demand mat pilates workout

Best Online Pilates Classes in 2023

Are you ready to kickstart your Pilates journey in the new year? Look no further than this ultimate guide for the best online Pilates classes! We’ve rounded up 10 of the top virtual Pilates studios for dynamic and energizing workouts that you can do from anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced practitioner seeking more advanced Pilates classes, there’s sure to be an option here that suits your needs.

What to Look for When Comparing the Best Online Pilates Classes

Key points to consider when searching for the best online pilates app:

  1. High-Quality Video & Audio: Ensure the app offers top-notch features, avoiding poor connection or low-resolution videos.
  2. Experienced and Certified Pilates Instructor: Look for an app led by an experienced Pilates instructor for the best guidance and instruction. This way, you can make the most of the limited time you have available.
  3. Engaging and Effective Pilates Workouts: Choose an app that keeps you motivated and helps you reach your fitness goals.
  4. Beginner-friendly and Accessible: If you’re new to Pilates, find an app that provides clear explanations and modifications for challenging Pilates exercises. Also, look for accessible Pilates classes that cater to different bodies, ages, and fitness levels.
  5. Options for the Class Length: Find an app that offers varying lengths for classes, so you can fit in a quick 20-minute session or longer workout videos, depending on your schedule.
  6. Community: Some apps offer an interactive community where you can connect with other Pilates enthusiasts, share tips, and stay motivated together.
  7. Unlimited Monthly Subscription + Free Trial: Consider an app that offers, for example, a seven day free trial period to test out the features and see if it’s the right fit for you. Also, look for apps with unlimited access so you can access as many classes as you like without any restrictions.
  8. Intuitive app design & extensive class filter options: Browse through the app to see if it offers a user-friendly experience. Make sure you can easily find and filter classes based on your preferences, including difficulty level, length, or specific body areas targeted in the workout.

By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect online pilates app that meets your needs!

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Best Mat Pilates Online: BAY STUDIOS+

If you’re looking for the best mat pilates classes available online, look no further than BAY STUDIOS+. Their offerings are beginner-friendly and accessible to every body, making for an effective workout that caters to different individual needs.

Based in the beautiful city of Helsinki, BAY STUDIOS+ is a modern studio specializing in online Pilates classes and in-studio Reformer Pilates. Subscribers gain access to a variety of professionally produced Pilates classes, all filmed in a dedicated studio. The finished videos boast high-quality production, making them easy to follow with exceptional audio for clear instructions.

Every online Pilates class is personally led by Julia Oravisto, Finland’s esteemed mat Pilates instructor, who brings years of experience teaching thousands of clients worldwide. Each class has a specific focus, and users can conveniently filter classes based on body parts, class type, and duration. The library of Pilates classes is continuously expanding, with a new class added every week, and all you need is a mat to participate.

While BAY STUDIOS+ excels in providing top-quality online Pilates classes, it’s important to note that they specialize in contemporary Pilates, and those seeking strictly classical Pilates or other types may need to explore other options.

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Best for Classical Pilates: Pilatesology

For those looking to dive deep into the world of classical Pilates, Pilatesology is the perfect resource.

Founded by two master Pilates instructors, Alisa Wyatt and Jack Coble, Pilatesology is a platform that offers classical online Pilates classes for all levels of experience. Their focus is on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates, with detailed instructions on the classic Pilates movements and breathing techniques that are at the heart of classical Pilates.

Pilatesology is perfect for those who want to learn the art of Pilates from the experts without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. With a wide range of online Pilates classes available, from beginner to advanced classes, it’s easy to find the perfect routine to suit your needs.

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Best for Seniors: Pilates Anytime

As we age, finding a workout routine that is not only accessible and engaging but also tailored to our needs becomes increasingly important. That’s where Pilates Anytime comes in. With its focus on physical health and strength, this platform is specifically designed to cater to seniors.

Pilates Anytime’s classes range and can be customized to suit individual abilities and preferences. The extensive class library of Pilates workouts ensures that seniors can find something that fits their specific needs, whether it’s gentle Pilates exercises for those with limited mobility or more challenging routines for those looking to push their limits.

What sets Pilates Anytime apart is the availability of various Pilates instructors, allowing users to find the one that resonates with them the most. Each instructor brings their own unique style and expertise, ensuring that users can find someone they feel comfortable with and confident in.

In conclusion, Pilates Anytime is not just an online fitness platform for seniors; it is the ultimate solution for those who want to stay active, maintain their physical well-being, and enjoy the benefits of a tailored workout routine that fits their individual needs and preferences.

A few extra benefits they offer are also the option to do offline workouts as well as injury prevention focused educational videos.

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Best free Pilates platform: Move with Nicole

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for completely free Pilates classes, Move with Nicole is the best option available. While the quality may not match a paid online platform, and the Youtube videos may come with regular ad breaks, Nicole’s refreshing and challenging Pilates videos are designed to get you moving and grooving.

Even though the online Pilates classes are delivered as voiceovers, they are still relatively easy to follow along with every movement, so whether you’re new to Pilates or a seasoned pro, Move with Nicole is a good place to start out. Give their free classes a try yourself!

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Best for All-Around Fitness Classes: Glo

Glo is the ultimate online Pilates platform for individuals seeking a comprehensive and well-rounded fitness experience. With an impressive lineup of celebrity instructors at the helm, Glo guarantees to elevate your fitness game with an array of world-class workouts.

The platform goes beyond online Pilates classes and also offers an extensive mix of invigorating yoga classes and calming meditation videos, ensuring all your wellness needs are met.

While the quality of online Pilates classes may vary, the sheer abundance of options available on Glo ensures that you’ll never grow tired of your fitness routine. Whether you’re in the mood for a challenging Pilates session, a soothing yoga flow, or a moment of tranquillity through meditation, Glo has it all.

It’s worth noting that due to the absence of personal interaction and the multitude of Pilates instructors on the platform, Glo may not be the ideal choice for individuals seeking a more intimate and personalized experience from their online Pilates practice. However, if you’re looking for a diverse range of high-quality online classes, including yoga classes, led by renowned instructors, Glo is the perfect fit for you.

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Best for Short Pilates Workouts: Lindywell

For those individuals who are constantly pressed for time but still desire to enjoy the numerous benefits of a Pilates workout, Lindywell emerges as the perfect solution.

With its innovative approach, Lindywell offers a wide array of online Pilates classes that are designed to cater to the time constraints of busy individuals, with each session lasting 20 minutes or less. This incredible convenience allows even the busiest of schedules to accommodate a Pilates session without any hassle.

While it is true that the cost of Lindywell’s Pilates classes may come at a steep price, the investment may still be worthwhile due to the diversity of instructors available. This diverse range of professionals ensures that each individual can find an instructor that perfectly aligns with their preferences and goals.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Pilates practitioner, Lindywell guarantees a fitness journey that is tailored to your specific needs, all under the expert guidance of trained professionals.

With such a convenient and high-quality workout option available, there is simply no excuse to skip your home practice. Lindywell empowers you to prioritize your health and well-being, all while enjoying the flexibility of doing Pilates exercises at home.

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Best for Luxury Pilates-Inspired Fitness: P.Volve

P.Volve, a celebrity-favourite workout platform, has gained immense popularity for its Pilates-inspired fitness classes. Endorsed by Jennifer Aniston and featured in top fashion publications, P.Volve offers a comprehensive range of specialized mat sessions and functional training exercises inspired by Pilates classes. With a commitment to professionalism, P.Volve ensures that every workout is delivered with expertise and precision.

What sets P.Volve apart is its wide range of courses, catering to various fitness goals. From strength training and progressive weight training to recovery and stretching, there’s something for everyone. The platform provides a modern and engaging experience, tailored to individuals of all ages and abilities. The impressive video library serves as a valuable resource for users looking to enhance their fitness journey.

It’s important to note that access to P.Volve’s classes requires a subscription, which grants full access to their extensive workout library. Additionally, the purchase of P.Volve equipment may be necessary to fully participate in the workouts.

While the investment in equipment may seem pricey, it ensures a high-quality and effective workout experience, making it worth considering for those seeking a comprehensive fitness solution.

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Conclusion: BAY STUDIOS+ Best Overall

When it comes to choosing the best online pilates app, there are a lot of factors to consider. You want something that is user-friendly, effective, and enjoyable to use. After testing out a variety of options, we’re excited to conclude that BAY STUDIOS+ offers the best online pilates classes overall.

With a sleek design, the personal approach of an experienced instructor and easy-to-follow workouts, this platform stands out from the competition. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this app has everything you need to get the most out of your pilates practice.

So, if you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level, give BAY STUDIOS+ a try and experience their best online Pilates classes for free with a 7-day trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many online Pilates apps did you research for this ranking of best online Pilates classes?

Our experts thoroughly analyzed over 40 platforms. They personally signed up and evaluated each platform, ensuring that their reviews were based on comprehensive assessments rather than just first impressions.

Based on your research, what would you consider a reasonable price for online pilates classes?

Typically, an unlimited monthly subscription ranging from 20 to 25€ is considered very reasonable. Throughout our research, we found that higher-priced on demand classes often failed to justify their cost, while cheaper options generally had quality shortcomings.

Why should I pay for an online Pilates class when YouTube is filled with free options?

The convenience of an online pilates class is a major factor for many people. Being able to practice Pilates anytime in the comfort of your own home, with unlimited workouts each month at a fraction of the cost of gym group classes, outweighs the inconvenience of YouTube ads or lower-quality instruction.

I’m on a tight budget. Is a paid online pilates class really worth the investment?

While we understand budget constraints, it’s important to recognize that, as with many other things, quality and price often go hand in hand. Experienced instructors, top-quality video and audio production, custom-designed music, and audio engineering come at a cost. Opting for free alternatives may result in lower-quality Pilates classes, videos, or interruptions from YouTube advertisements.

What is the impact of practising with a variety of instructors or a single instructor?

Practising with a single instructor offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it ensures a consistent and focused learning experience. On platforms with multiple instructors, the quality and consistency of Pilates classes can sometimes be compromised. Additionally, different teaching styles may make it challenging to establish practice routines.

How does Pilates change your body?

Pilates online classes, when done consistently, can have transformative effects on the body. It primarily targets the core muscles, improving core strength, flexibility, and balance. Over time, you may notice improved posture, leaner muscles, increased joint mobility, and enhanced body awareness.

By focusing on the core and the upper body and maintaining proper form, Pilates engages the entire body, promoting efficient movement and reducing the risk of injury. It’s not just a physical transformation but also an improvement in overall well-being and fitness.

What should I look for in the best online Pilates class, and how do Pilates exercises differ in an online Pilates program?

In short, when looking for the best online Pilates class, consider the qualifications of the instructors, the quality of video and sound, the variety and intensity of Pilates exercises offered, and the accessibility and user-friendliness of the platform.

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